Studio and behind the scenes.

        Welcome to the behind the scenes page.We hope to give a small glimpse into the inner workings of the studio and give some insight to commonly asked questions.
     All the concrete work is done in the large studio behind the gallery shop.All production,and finishing is done on site.

   This winter there was a new addition to the studio,which is a mold making facility were Daryl can create his own molds for casting,which he has, with the addition of 10 new pieces and many more in the works.

    You have noticed on previous pages Daryl's fabulous leaf castings.
All the leaves he uses are actually grown on the premisis.Behind the studio is a large storage facility were Daryl has constructed two large greenhouses.The contents of which are Giant elephant ear plants,exotic palms and varieties of ferns he uses for his sculptures.

   Also in the garden there are many large raised beds where Rhubarb,Rheum, Gunnera and many large leafed specialty plants for casting are grown.This is also the location of his hobby Daylily Hybridizing which takes up much of his spare time ...if he has any .If you drop by the store and Daryl is free he often takes guests for a tour.

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