Concrete Art
"Capturing Nature"

    Welcome to the concrete art page.All the concrete art pieces you will find at Unique Garden Art have been created ,hand crafted and finished by local concrete artisan Daryl Carlyle.In his large studio adjacent to the gallery shop.
Using nature as his muse, Daryl strives to embelish, and mimic natures natural beauty to create his one of a kind sculptures.

   Over the years Daryl has honed his skills in producing the most remarkable live leaf sculptures available.Each casting is unique unto itself as there are no molds used in their creation.Fragile, yet durable enough for all weather installations.

   They can be used as a water feature or in one, to a wall hanging for your home or patio,or nestled in amongst your most beloved plantings. The leaf castings are available in many forms from raw concrete ,to dyed and sealed, or hand painted by Daryl.Custom finishes ar also offered.

    Daryl also has many other unique sculptures to offer.Leaf shaped bird baths ,some formed and some a natural leaf representation.Beautiful large wall hangings he calls his "fossil" series.To "impression" plaques and one of a kind table tops.

     He is also very proud of his own polymer concrete mix that allows him the opportunity to actually carve concrete! This extremely time sensitive procedure allows Daryl to hand carve and mimic wood grains ,bark and even bamboo,to create the most incredible benches.

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