Concrete Pots, Planters and Bowls

  At unique garden we carry a large selection of concrete pots and planters.From the modern stylings of our own Sempervivum (hens and chicks) and Echivera planters ,available in white concrete  or marbeled, they are great for gift giving.
   Also is the popular "Impressions"
series,leaf impressions from maple leafs, grape, chestnut and other varieties, adorn these pots that are hand finished in a variety of ways.The most popular of which is Daryl's stain layering technique.
   Our best seller by far is our series of small to very large bowls.They may be used as planters or one of a kind bird baths.Ranging from plain finish to "impressions" series to the very popular Rhubarb bowls.
   All concrete pots are available with custom colorings and finishes!We have many concrete dyes available to choose from ,as well as White concrete or marbeled concrete, and a large selection of finish and  colourings and techiniques to choose from.

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